At your first visit we will have a chat about your overall well-being, lifestyle and any health problems you may have.  I will also ask you to provide medical details on a consultation form. Please allow up to 1 hour 15 minutes for this first visit and consultation. Subsequent visits will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, allowing time for a quick chat and catch up before treatment.

Treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and examination of the feet, whilst you recline and relax in a specialist reflexology chair. Massage (or aromatherapy) cream will be applied to warm up the feet and ease any tensions of the day. I then apply reflexology pressure techniques to the soles, top and sides of the feet and ankles. This is a firm pressure, and not ticklish! Areas of congestion may be sensitive or painful, but this is usually eased with treatment. Most people find their reflexology session deeply relaxing and you may find that you even fall asleep!

If you have medical issues (for example problems with your feet / ankles) which make it difficult to provide foot reflexology, don’t worry, because I can treat your hands instead. Hand reflexology may also be more suitable for some older people.

Please don’t drink alcohol or eat a large meal prior to your appointment.

The cost of an appointment is £30.

After your treatment